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Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

The Bluetooth karaoke microphone is a kind of wireless microphone which adopts the Bluetooth technology. It is available to move within certain distances which is portable without the limitation of wires, avoiding the dilemma of falling down by the wires.
Designed with the advanced technology, it is of high quality that it is capable of bringing strong sound effect for singing, speaking and music playing. With the crystal-clear voice, it is able to make your singing more impressive and enjoyable.
It is practical that it can be used as microphone, loudspeaker, recorder, Bluetooth speaker, used on KTV singing, gathering singing, family singing, travel singing, car stereo, instrument recording, interviews and live etc..
The working principle: the transmitter is powered by the battery, and the microphone converts the sound into an audio electrical signal, and after being processed by the internal circuit, the radio wave containing the audio information is transmitted to the surrounding space.
Manufactured by the reliable manufacturer and supplier in China with CE/FCC/ROHS, our company is able to whole the microphone made in China with customized design which is in stock. It is popular among the market since it has the fashion top sale.
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