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Bluetooth headset how to connect the computer

The mobile phone and the computer are connected to transmit data (ringtones, games, etc. are all data). There are generally four types of Bluetooth, data lines, card readers, and infrared. Infrared connection requires that the infrared devices of the mobile phone and the computer are inconvenient to use, and the speed is not fast. Although the reader is faster, it is easy to have problems. Therefore, the application is not as wide as Bluetooth and data lines. The data lines of different models are different. They are usually standard, and they must be included. Bluetooth and data cables must be installed for the first time. Driver. After the blue tooth as long as the open phone blue tooth function (do not turn off, otherwise the mobile phone in vain), open the desktop blue tooth icon, click the yellow ball in the icon to start the search, shaking hands that can be used without integrated Bluetooth function The computer, to spend three or forty yuan to buy a Bluetooth adapter Lan adapter can be. As there is no integrated network function of the motherboard plug-in network card to access the same. Blue tooth and the data line, the first compatibility, There is no problem with the file transfer to bluetooth transmission to the mobile phone. The second one is convenient. There is no need to plug in. The more important thing is that many items are automatic, such as synchronization memos, tasks, backup address book, etc. Without one level to find and open the folder to save a lot of time. But fast or large quantities of similar large files or data line speed in that way according to the actual situation decision

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