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Bluetooth headset maintenance is flawed, these skills you get it?

With the improvement of living standards, many friends have become accustomed to hundreds of thousands of headphones. No matter how good you are, you have to like expensive earphone brands. Since you have chosen music to be “killing poison”, you should treat every one of them. A home-made earphone, don't let it die...

In fact, we treat our headphones well and we treat our ears well so that it can always send out sounds of nature and touch our hearts.

New skills Get!

  • Try not to use it in heavy rain, because the rain contains a lot of sulfuric acid, which may cause the earphone cable to prematurely age and even damage. After using the Bluetooth headset, remember to erase the sweat on the Bluetooth headset. These things secreted by the human body, containing fat or something, are invisible killers of wire. After a long time, the wire rod will age, eventually leading to cracks and cracks.

  • Don't pull it hard during use, this will damage the Bluetooth headset and it may hurt our ears!

  • Try not to sleep at all. The average person is absolutely impossible to stay awake for a long time. The Bluetooth headset cable is not wrapped around the neck or the two cables are twisted like a twist. Some large Bluetooth headsets and even the outer casing are crushed.

  • Be sure to turn off the volume before use. If the volume of your output device is too loud, not only will your ears be shaken, but lighter membranes will wrinkle. Seriously burned the voice coil of the headphones.

  • Bluetooth sports headset away from strong magnetic. The magnetic properties of the magnets of the unit will decrease and the sensitivity will decrease over time!

  • Bluetooth sports headphones keep away from moisture. The pad in the headphone unit gets rusted and the resistance increases, and your headphones will be in a biased manner.

  • Bluetooth headset batteries are generally very small, green beans, so the charging power must not use fast charging high current, with a desktop or laptop USB port can be charged.

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