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Bluetooth headset sound quality and battery life only know half, you recruited?

Now we have a big difference in the choice of Bluetooth headsets. A few years ago, it was the world of unilateral Bluetooth headsets. Now you tell people to buy Bluetooth headsets. The default is stereo music Bluetooth headsets. Since it is mainly used to play music, the sound quality is of course the emphasis.

At present, all Bluetooth headsets with good sound quality all support aptX, aptX HD and LDAC in any of the high-quality Bluetooth transmission protocols, which means that these high-quality Bluetooth transmission protocols are good for Bluetooth headsets. This is also the highlight of the headset manufacturers. However, you have to know that the manufacturer only said half of the words, to support the above-mentioned high-quality Bluetooth transmission protocol must also support the audio source, simply that your mobile phone or portable player must also support these protocols, otherwise the headset is playing. It still works under the low-band Bluetooth transmission protocol such as SBC.

Most Bluetooth headset ads won't tell you that high-quality Bluetooth transmission protocols must be supported at both ends of the device.

Vendors will either not tell you this in the promotional copy, or they will add instructions in an unobtrusive place, but you didn't notice it. I am happy to buy a headset and listen to it. I don’t think the sound quality is so good on the advertisement. I don’t know if it’s not a headset, but you’re being told by this half-advertisement. After all, there are only a few mobile phones and portable players that support the high-quality Bluetooth transmission protocol. If you want to enjoy high-quality Bluetooth playback, cough, or upgrade the audio source first.

Life is also a concern for consumers when they buy Bluetooth headsets. We don't want Bluetooth headsets to be out of power for just a few hours. There are a lot of Bluetooth headsets claiming how much life can be reached, but there are very few intentionally indicating under which circumstances this battery life can be achieved.

A few vendors will tell users in the additional instructions what will affect the Bluetooth headset life

Generally speaking, if the Bluetooth headset supports both aptX and SBC, its nominal battery life is basically calculated according to the playback time under the SBC protocol. The higher the transmission quality, the more power it consumes, especially when you use LDAC sound quality first. In the mode, you will find that the battery life is significantly shorter. In general, you will also find the LDAC settings in the playback device, with the sound quality priority mode, standard mode and connection priority mode, but you may never have thought about the details that affect the battery life. You see, the advertisement is only half for you.

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