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Do you know these 3 tips for choosing a portable Bluetooth speaker?

Portable Bluetooth speakers, because of their portability, exquisite appearance and carrying many novelty functions, are very popular among young people. Do you know the three secrets of choosing a portable Bluetooth speaker?

First, the sound quality Although the Bluetooth speaker does not have a large size speaker and power, but for most users, the Bluetooth speaker with a tablet and mobile phone is enough to meet the daily hearing needs. In this case, how to judge the sound quality is good or bad?

First of all, the volume loudness of the speaker is absolutely shocking; secondly, the treble does not break at the maximum volume; in the middle frequency part that is most commonly used to listen to pop music and watching movies, the sound will not be distorted, and the sound will not be excessive; The low frequency part has strong shocking power and high degree of reduction. The application of the wireless Bluetooth technology of the rambler is more focused on the user experience, and everything stems from the persistent pursuit of perfect sound quality, making the sound sound clean and transparent.

Second, Bluetooth Compared with traditional audio equipment, Bluetooth speakers have a wider audience, whether it is a mobile phone, a notebook or a tablet, can be connected very quickly with Bluetooth speakers. At the same time, the Bluetooth version is also one of the most important factors affecting the quality of Bluetooth speakers. Currently, the Bluetooth speakers on the market are mainly 3.0 and 4.0 versions. In general, the higher the version of Bluetooth, the longer the battery life will be, and the farther the effective transmission distance will be, the stronger the Bluetooth compatibility will be.

In addition to the Bluetooth version, the Bluetooth brand is also an important reference indicator. The Xoopar xp62002 wireless Bluetooth speaker has the highest device compatibility, and the stable Bluetooth transfer rate is 8 times higher than 2:1. The most reliable connection stability guarantees the best audio transmission experience.

Third, the battery life of the battery life is the same as the mobile phone, of course, the longer the better. Of course, everything has a peak, Xiao Bian suggested that under normal use, the ideal battery life of Bluetooth is maintained at 8-10 hours. Taking dual-cell Bluetooth speakers as an example, their power is concentrated between 3W and 6W. If you want to achieve better playback time, the battery capacity should be above 1000mAh.

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