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Does the Bluetooth headset have radiation?

Bluetooth's transmit power is very low, only 1 mW, compared to the typical transmit power of other wireless devices: wifi is 80 mW, the phone may reach the watt level according to the signal condition, the walkie-talkie can reach 5w, the car walkie-talkie can reach 30w, ... Ultra long wave communication facilities will reach the megawatt level. Of course, the power size is set to achieve its design purpose. The application range of the Bluetooth protocol is generally less than 10 meters, so only a very low radiation is required to achieve the data transmission purpose, and the frequency band used by Bluetooth is 2.4 GHz, penetrating. The ability is limited (that is, the attenuation is faster). In addition, the radiation of Bluetooth belongs to electromagnetic radiation, and the harm to organisms is relatively small (known to be mainly thermal effects). It is completely different from the ionizing radiation that exists in nuclear radiation. In summary, the radiation of Bluetooth can be almost ignored, so let's say that a fluorescent light in your house is bigger than Bluetooth radiation.

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