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Introduction to Bluetooth Headset Impedance

The impedance of the earphone is the abbreviation of its AC impedance. The impedance refers to the impedance of the alternating current in a circuit with resistance, inductance and capacitance. The impedance is in ohms (Ω). In general, the smaller the impedance, the easier it is to make the earphones easier to drive.

The impedance of the earphone changes with the frequency of the audio signal it plays back. Generally, the headphone impedance is at the low frequency, so the attenuation to the low frequency is greater than the high frequency; for most headphones, increasing the output impedance will make the sound Darker and more mixed (the amplifier will also weaken the control of the headphone drive unit), but some headphones need to be better at high impedance. If the headphone sound is sharp and harsh, consider increasing the effective output impedance of the headphone jack; if the headphone sound is dull and turbid, and is driven by a power amplifier, consider reducing the effective output resistance.

Different impedance headphones are mainly used in different occasions. On desktops or amplifiers, VCDs, DVDs, TVs, etc., high-impedance headphones are commonly used. Some professional headphones have impedances of more than 200 ohms. The headphone jack on the machine is matched. If you use a low-impedance earphone, you must first turn down the volume and then plug in the earphone, then turn the volume up a little to prevent the headphone from being overloaded or the voice coil is deformed and misplaced. 

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