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MMC card design features

Siemens company and the first CF SanDisk MMC cards launched in 1997. January 1998 14 companies

Set up MMC Association, there are now more than 84 members. MMC development goals is mainly targeted at digital imaging, music, cell phone, PDA, eBook, toys and other products, dimensions 32mm x 24mm x 1.4mm, only 1.5 grams. MMC card storage unit and controller do the smart controller enable MMC to ensure compatibility and flexibility.

MMC storage card can be divided into two working modes of SPI and MMC, MMC is the standard default mode, having all of the MMC. While the SPI model is a MMC memory card optional second model, this model is a subset of the MMC Protocol mainly used to need only a small number of cards and low data rate system, this model can be designed to minimize costs, but the performance is not MMC.

MMC was designed as a low-cost platform for data and communications media, its interface is very simple: only 7 needle! Interface cost less than $ 0.5. In the interface, power supply is 3 pins, and data manipulation using only 3-pin serial bus.

MMC operating voltage of 2.7 volts to 3.6 volts, write/read only 27mA and 23mA current, power consumption is very low. Its read-write mode, including streaming, multi-and single-block. Smallest unit of data transmission is in blocks, the default block size of 512bytes.

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