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MMC card technical support

Most, perhaps all the current MMC Flash memory cards support SPI mode, although each statutory requirement but does not support this mode will cause serious compatibility problems. SanDisk, Ritek/Ridata and all the Flash memory card Kingmax made good

As support for SPI. Also, MMC cards can be considered in electrical performance equivalent to the SD card, but it uses a thin wrapper and the SD functionality.

MMC defined the SPI and 1-bit MMC/SD protocols. Basic SPI protocol already exists as a standard feature of many micro-controller for a number of years. From a social point of view, defining the grounds for a new incompatible SD/MMC is doubtful; develop an incompatible and is required for the new Protocol may help trade associations collect licensing fees and expenses of the members, but it increases the cost of hardware and software in many ways. New protocol used open signal connector to allow for multiple storage cards on the same bus, but this actually causes problems when using higher clock frequencies. Despite SPI using three article shared of signal line plus a separate of chip select each storage card, new agreement allows up to 30 block storage card links to also of three article line Shang, such do of cost is more complex of Flash card initial of and need each card has a only of serial number for Plug-and-play; this characteristics actually rarely using and due to speed and power problem in new standard in the not recommends it of using. Has similar ownership of 1 bit agreement was extended to four bit width and eight bit wide used to support more high speed, but computer industry of other most are in to more high speed more narrow of channel transfer; standard of SPI can simple to using more high data speed of clock to get than four bit SD more high of performance--no more high clock speed of embedded processor anyway also cannot processing faster speed of data. SD Association one of giving up some of the old MMC protocol commands support and adds a number of additional commands associated with copyright protection.

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