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Noise reduction Bluetooth headset classification

Earphones that can effectively reduce ambient noise are called noise canceling headphones. Objectively speaking, almost all headphones have been designed to reduce external noise at the beginning of the design, but noise-reducing headphones have been considered more in terms of noise reduction, and have more outstanding performance.

Noise canceling headphones are mainly divided into two types according to the principle: one is Passive Noise-Cancelling earphone, and the other is Active Noise-Cancelling earphone. The so-called passive noise canceling headphones are to isolate the noise through the soundproof material on the earphone or the special structure.

Earphones designed with in-ear earphones and large earmuffs that we have previously introduced can be divided into passive noise canceling headphones. Even the active noise canceling headphones we studied below have added the design of passive noise canceling headphones. Of course, these do not have strict boundaries, because there is only one purpose: how to reduce environmental noise more effectively.

The active noise canceling earphone is equipped with a special noise reduction circuit in the earphone. Generally, an audio receiver (such as a micro-microphone) and an anti-noise output chip can achieve the purpose of shielding noise by receiving and analyzing the frequency of the external noise and generating a frequency opposite thereto, thereby weakening or canceling each other.

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