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One day, most headphones and speakers provide a 3D sound experience?

Sennheiser said in an interview with Yahoo Finance: "I personally and I believe that virtual reality can achieve large-scale applications, because it will isolate you. It is not very social. But AR can learn the advantages of VR, and it will Combined with social aspects."

VR and AR are the inspiration for this "70 year old" German audio company to advance the development of 3D audio technology: to provide a true surround sound experience without having to place multiple speakers or audio sources around you. At this year’s CES conference, the company released two new devices that focus on recording or playing 3D audio: a 3D home theater soundbar prototype; and an Ambeo Smart Headset capable of recording and playing 3D audio with the help of a smartphone. Smart headphones.

Although both products seem to be able to honor the promise of Sennheiser, the 3D sound bar has left a particularly impressive impression. Setting up a sound bar requires a two-minute calibration process, and the device works a bit like sonar: by sending out sound waves that eventually bounce back, the sound bar can calculate the exact size of the room, creating an effective personalized 3D audio experience. .

Sennheiser said: “We are using the reflection of the room to create 3D sounds, so we need to know how far the walls are and what the reflection mode is. This is actually checking the boundaries of the room on different frequencies, and depending on the reflection, you actually The reflection can be calibrated to make it sound perfect."

In the demo work, sitting in a bedroom setting, then Sennheiser staff played different video clips (a sports game, an advertisement, and other videos), and in the sound bar and multi-speaker home theater Switch back and forth. The 3D audio output from the sound bar does not exactly match the overall sound provided by the multi-speaker setup, but it is already very close.

Although most of Sennheiser’s current products do not support 3D audio, the co-chief executive predicts that most of the headsets and speakers will one day provide listeners with a 3D sound experience. Forrester Research predicts that the AR and VR markets will grow from approximately $11.4 billion in revenue in 2017 to approximately $215 billion in 2021. If Sennheiser is able to release more compelling 3D audio products for the optimization of AR and VR experiences, Evangelical believes that this German audio vendor will be able to further increase its revenue.

Sennheiser added: “For us, our standard does not mean that someone is sitting there and then saying, 'This sounds great'; our standard is that he will say, 'I feel like I am in it.'”

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