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U disk usage

USB USB interface is a USB device. If the operating system is Windows 2000 or more systems or Apple systems, the USB plug to the USB interface on the front panel or rear of the chassis, the system will automatically recognize it. If the system is 98, you need to install the USB driver before you can use. Drivers can be found or in the disc that came with the manufacturer's website.

Use a USB memory stick for the first time, the system reports: found new hardware, wait, you are prompted: new hardware is installed and ready to use (often inserted USB drive without prompting). Open "my computer", you will see an icon called "removable disk". After this step, again using a USB memory stick, then after plug in, open "my computer". Note that in the lower right corner of the screen, there will be a small icon, is the meaning of USB devices. (USB flash drive is a USB device), then you can usually operating files, save, delete files on the USB stick. However, be aware that USB drive after use, close all Windows, especially on the USB disk window, right before the disconnect the USB flash drive, USB device icon in the lower right-right, then left mouse click "safely remove hardware", press the "stop" button in the pop-up window, and then point "OK". When the lower right corner of the prompt: "you can now safely remove drive" which prompted, unplug the USB flash drive from the chassis.

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