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What is the reason why the Bluetooth headset does not match the phone?

What is the reason why the Bluetooth headset does not match the phone? There are four main reasons for whether the headset has entered the automatic pairing state, whether the pairing with the surrounding mobile phone is canceled, whether the Bluetooth headset has power, and the Bluetooth headset is incompatible.

The first one: Does the headset enter the automatic pairing state?

Most Bluetooth headsets, when the red and blue lights flash alternately, indicate that they are in automatic pairing. There are also a small number of headphones, which are in the paired state when they are purple and white. (please refer to the manual)

Second: Is there a cancellation with the neighboring mobile phone?

The first two days are still good, suddenly can't even connect? No hurry, first think about whether you have paired with other mobile phones (within 10M range) with Bluetooth headset, and have not canceled the pairing after use.

After the Bluetooth headset is turned on, it automatically reconnects with the previous pairing record. If you do not cancel the connection with the second mobile phone nearby, it will not connect with the original mobile phone.

Third: Does the Bluetooth headset have power?

The Bluetooth headset is power-hungry, has not been used for a long time, or has not been turned off after booting, and the power is naturally exhausted. The Bluetooth headset has no power, and usually you don’t respond when you press any button.

When you connect the charging cable, the Bluetooth headset indicator is red, indicating that it is charging.

Fourth: Bluetooth headset is not compatible?

The Bluetooth version is getting better and better, and mainstream Bluetooth headsets are rarely incompatible with mobile phones. When it is not compatible, there is a Bluetooth headset model on the phone interface, but it can't connect or directly display the Bluetooth headset model. Pay attention to the brand and purchase channel when purchasing. (There is also a very small probability that it is a mobile phone problem. It is recommended to restart the phone and re-pair it once.)

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