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What sort of speaker can be classified according to body type?

What kind of classification can the speaker be made according to the body type? It can be mainly divided into floor-standing speakers and bookshelf speakers.

  1. Floor-standing speaker: The floor-standing speaker refers to a speaker that has a large body and needs to be placed directly on the ground. Floor-standing speakers are usually equipped with a large woofer, so the low-frequency effect is excellent, the frequency response range is wide, and the power is large. However, because of the large number of speakers, the sound positioning is usually not as clear as the bookshelf speaker. In the professional audio engineering system, the floor-standing speaker is more consistent with the positioning of the movie speaker.

  2. bookshelf speakers: small size, need to stand up separately when using, a certain distance from the ground. Because the number of speakers is small and the aperture is small, the sound positioning is usually more accurate, but there are also defects of low power and low frequency effect. In professional audio engineering systems, it is generally used as an auxiliary speaker, such as a monitor speaker. In a professional audio engineering system, when using a bookshelf speaker to play songs or light music, the effect is usually better than a floor-standing speaker.

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