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Why is the earphone always inexplicably broken?

The earphones of good quality have not fallen or water, but they are always inexplicable. If this is the case with your headphones, it may be the following. The SCA Bluetooth headset manufacturer tells you why your headphones are always inexplicably broken. Many of these people don't know how to use them correctly!

1. Use a toothpick or paper towel to clean the headphones, causing paper scraps, etc. to enter and block the headphones.

2. When you are sleeping, wear headphones. The headphones will be wrapped around your neck or twisted into a twist. It will take a long time, which will easily damage the headphones and affect the mission of the headphones.

3. Frequently pull the earphone cord to separate it from the sound source, which may cause the internal damage of the earphone cable.

4. When accommodating the earphones, arbitrarily entangled into a ball or directly entangled on the player, the earphones are often disturbed with other solid objects, causing the earphone cable to wear out.

5. When the new earphone arrives, immediately turn the volume of the earphone to the maximum, which will easily damage the diaphragm inside the earphone, making the diaphragm lose its elasticity and affecting the sound quality of the earphone.

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