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Coalitions Of Bluetooth Technology Application Development Resources

Today members of the annual Summit in Vancouver, the Bluetooth Special interest group (SIG) has launched a Bluetooth Developer Portal. This new resource to help developers and engineers to quickly learn the basics of design of Bluetooth devices and applications, enabling them to enter the software application and hardware running Bluetooth low energy technology integration on a huge new market.

Bluetooth v4.0 launched last year unleashed a wave of it provides an opportunity for developers creating next-generation software applications will change consumer interaction with the technology of smart new Bluetooth devices. Bluetooth developer portal site with a collection of resources, including training tools, interactive forums, quick start guides and webinars to help developers to create new and innovative applications using a standard Bluetooth data profile.

As part of an education and training program of its developer, SIG also offers a range of Bluetooth Developer Network is free of charge on April 30 at the beginning of the seminar. The seminar will provide information about the Bluetooth application and equipment design and implementation of practical training.

Bluetooth is a global standard for cross-platform, there is opportunity for application developers, bound only by their imagination, "maikeer·fulai, PhD, Bluetooth technology, Executive Director of the Alliance said. "Bluetooth Developer Portal is designed to help release some creativity. For example, the SIG member companies wow fitness has been with the company's heart monitors more than 80 applications for smartphones. This is just a device. Imagine the possibilities when you think there are seven 1 billion Bluetooth devices. “

The launch of the Bluetooth developers portal comes in the heels of another significant milestone in the SIG-16000 high members of history. SIG members at a record pace, just five months ago, more than 15,000 people. This unprecedented growth has been led by a member of the rapid adoption of Bluetooth v4.0 by member companies in sports, fitness, health, and medical fields, as well as technology continues to point and steady growth in automotive and consumer electronics markets.

With 16000 members and 5 million daily shipments of Bluetooth products, the popularity of our growing network of equipment is isolated from other wireless technologies Bluetooth, "suckow Jawanda, Chief Marketing Officer of the Bluetooth SIG said. "Now, as we launch developers portal, we expect from our members to see more innovative products and applications, add new features, we are in everyday use and better enable their gadgets and Bluetooth technology.

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