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Do You Have This Feeling When You Play The 20 Points Of The Speaker?

1. The sound has no bottom hole, the sound that feels good about itself is the best sound in the world; the music is endless, the music that you feel like is the best music in the world; the sound has no peak, such as the top ten in the middle of the scene. The sound and hearing effect is the best sound effect.

2. For the fans, the record is like a drug, and the sound is like burning silver paper. But the albums that like to listen repeatedly are often ten or eight. Therefore, when buying "poisonous", seek more and more, buy the best "poison". In this way, it will not be disturbed by the poison and “looking poisonous”. Related reading: On the common symptoms and "treatment" of audiophiles "poisoning".

3, let the sound of non-fatal deficiency is not a bad thing, it is a kind of beauty, lack of beauty. It can make people still have constant pursuits, even dreams. It is dangerous to get in one step, it is easy to have a fever, and it is difficult to reduce the fever. If you say that playing the sound has played the so-called perfection, haha, then it will be the end of the road.

4, hobbies vary from person to person. The sound is also the same as the personality, what personality people like what sound. Compared with people of different personalities, the sounds of different personalities are incomparable. Wife is the beauty of others, the sound is its own good, this is the truth.

5. Music is an integral part of life and an important part. If you have a sound, you have the music. If you have music, you have the happiness. If you have happiness, you have a happy life.

6. People must have one or more health hobbies. Hobbies are a kind of sustenance, a kind of pastime, a kind of physical and mental cultivation. Hobbies are addictive. If you are obsessed with alcohol and tobacco, or you can't be tempted by yellow gambling, it's better to be obsessed with audio. Audio fever is the best choice. Related reading: The sound "fever" is really not what you want to burn.

7. What are the factors affecting sound? From sound source, power amplifier, speaker, power supply, record, environment, position, sound absorption, etc.; small to foot pad, player level, shock resistance of the amplifier, head cleaning Degree, equipment rack, tightness of connection, etc. Of course, the biggest impact is the mood of the listener.

8. Strictly speaking, a good record is the source of hum. Players, power amplifiers, speakers, wires, etc., only faithfully interpret, process, and broadcast functions. The pros and cons of the equipment can only be measured by the degree of Hi-Fi that reflects the music information on the record. The highest level of Hi-Fi is the sense of presence. Under the premise of a good record, the better the equipment, the higher the level of fidelity, and the smaller the difference from the scene.

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