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How To Choose Bluetooth Headset? What To Pay Attention To?


There are more and more Bluetooth headsets on the market. Although it is not a big item, but if you buy a bad Bluetooth headset is also a great influence on mood, then, in the end how do we choose a suitable Bluetooth headset? What else should you pay attention to when purchasing?


  1. What should I do to buy a Bluetooth headset?

    Call: This is the most important use of business office and safe driving. If you mainly choose some monaural Bluetooth headsets that are lightweight, portable, high-definition, and stable transmission.

    Listening to songs: This is the reason why most people buy Bluetooth headsets. If you listen to songs, it is best to use binaural Bluetooth, because the single ear Bluetooth can not meet the requirements of stereo, if the songs are definitely the best stereo effect . It depends on the acoustics of the Bluetooth ear (such as the number of speakers in the headset, the size of the moving coil, the size of the diaphragm, and the professional debugging effect).

    Sports: Sports listening songs is also the main purpose of Bluetooth headsets, generally need to choose a lightweight, suitable to wear, not easy to drop Bluetooth headset, one ear and both ears can be, if it is a pair of ears in-ear style, pay attention to its line thickness, The thicker the line, the stronger the auscultation effect, but if wired clips are used, the auscultation effect can be reduced.

    Play games to watch movies: To play games and watch movies, you usually need to select a Bluetooth headset that has strong compatibility and good transmission effects. Because the sound quality of the headset is good, the sound field is strong and you can have a better picture.

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