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How To Choose Bluetooth Headset? What To Pay Attention To? Continued...

2. What price can I afford?

Low-end price: Generally, 30-150 Bluetooth headsets, mainly QCY, blue string, and millet, are the main products. These three brands will have higher cost performance and better quality assurance, and other domestic brands. Some models also have some relatively good products.

Mid-range price: Generally, it is a 150-800 Bluetooth headset, of which the foreign Jabra, Plantronics, and QCY, Blue String also has some cost-effective mid-range products, buyers can choose according to their own needs.

High-end price: generally more than 800 yuan headphones, and even up to 10,000 yuan, the headset sound quality is respected by most headphone enthusiasts, there are brands like beats, is to win the market with stylish appearance.


3. What kind of headphones does my ear get used to?

The wear experience is mainly determined by the headset's fitting method, ear cap, weight, and tightness, but it also differs depending on the subjective feeling of the individual.

If you care about the comfort of people, it is recommended to go to the store to wear the experience and then buy.

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