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Internet of Everything

Internet of Everything

As the Internet of Everything (IoE) becomes real, consumers will need to interact with a large amount of input and content, control a wide range of devices and navigate complex user interfaces – effortlessly. CSR’s proven expertise in everything wireless is enabling companies like Avi-on and AirCable to get ahead in developing exciting new products for home and building automation.

With many emerging options, consumers want ease of installation, interoperability and the ability to control with multiple types of devices, like smartphones, tablets and laptops. CSR helps ensure our customers’ products stand out from the crowd in this competitive, cluttered, connected world. CSR’s connectivity technology solutions enable the intelligent integration of multiple wireless technologies to provide a seamless consumer experience.

CSR’s technically disruptive Bluetooth® Smart CSRmesh® protocol has been designed to place the smartphone at the center of the IoE. It allows for an almost unlimited number of Bluetooth low energy devices to be networked together and directly controlled from a single smartphone, tablet or PC – a 'world first'. Users can control any Bluetooth Smart-enabled home or office device from wherever they are - including lighting, heating, home appliances and security systems – securely and seamlessly. This extends the range of Bluetooth Smart throughout the home or business.

But this is just the beginning. The IoE is emerging as a new wave in the development of the internet and is expected to connect billions of “things” to the internet by 2020. As pioneers in wireless connectivity, CSR is at the very center of this revolution.

Many leading module suppliers have adopted CSR Bluetooth Smart. These third party modules enable developers to easily and cost effectively integrate CSR’s award winning technologies into their applications – for example, CSRmesh is fully supported on all CSR101x modules to allow the development of innovative turnkey solutions for the IoT.

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