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Link To Bluetooth Adapter

First, the Bluetooth adapter is installed correctly, nothing to say, according to instructions, not the same don't know.

Confirmed adapter loaded good yihou, open Bluetooth headphones, in "I of computer" in should will has a "I of Bluetooth location", double-click into, in left of "Bluetooth task" in the click "find effective range within of equipment", if on both sides of equipment are normal installation, and opened, and in range within, on will in right multiple icon out, that on should is Bluetooth headphones has, right key click the icon, select "equipment paired", will pop-up a dialogue box requirements entered password, You go to see a description of the headset, it should have said what is the password, fill, confirm, wait time can be long or short, and necessarily, the dialog box disappears after should be matched, you can use the.

But generally Windows system, and its Xia of all software, are to independent configuration audio input of, so this cannot like you plug General of headphones as, plug Shang on audio, also to in Windows of "Control Panel"-"voice and audio equipment" of "audio" page in modified about, modified into "Bluetooth audio" on should OK has, you himself again try about's!

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