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Maintenance Of The Eardrum Of The Bluetooth Headset

The earphone diaphragm is quite important in the composition of the earphone. It is the heart of the earphone. Its maintenance is quite critical. Only the diaphragm of the earphone is not damaged, and the earphone can work normally. Since the diaphragm of the new earphone has not been used, the elasticity is relatively poor and the rigidity is relatively strong. Therefore, when using the new earphone, it is necessary to slowly adjust the volume, which should not be too large, because the sound is over the assembly and the vibration amplitude of the earphone diaphragm is excessive. Large, causing damage to the headphones, and do not change the volume too quickly or greatly, which will adversely affect the headphones diaphragm. Therefore, when using a new headset, it is recommended to listen to the normal volume for one to two months. In the process, avoid listening to the more exciting music. When the headphones have passed the running-in period, they can be used better. This is a very safe way to use the new headphones. Moreover, to avoid contact with the humid environment, the diaphragm will be deformed and affect normal use.

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