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New CSRmesh Features Add Asset Tracking, Mesh-managed Beacons To Help Save Businesses Time And Money

New CSRmesh features add asset tracking, mesh-managed beacons to help save businesses time and money

As more and more devices connect, the Internet of Things (IoT) grows and becomes more mainstream. But what happens

when one of those devices—say a hospital’s portable sonogram machine—can’t be located and time is critical? Or when all

the beacons around a department store need to be updated quickly with new data. One solution: Use a Bluetooth mesh

network, which can be deployed to help identify, locate, and communicate with Bluetooth smart devices.But deploying a large

number of beacons can be labor intensive, time consuming to manage, and require costly equipment investment. Our latest

iteration of CSRmesh, a Bluetooth Low Energy Mesh technology, is designed to simplify the process. It is the first commercially

available solution to use a Bluetooth mesh network that permits management and calibration of multiple beacons and to track

and report assets. And while previous versions of CSRmesh focused on home lighting and home automation, the latest CSRmesh

version opens up new opportunities in commercial/industrial applications and IoT industries.

Mesh-managed beacons

If you’re distributing a large number of beacons, they can be difficult to manage. How do you confirm that they’re still operable

or haven’t been stolen? What if their battery levels are low? What happens when you want to change from an iBeacon to an

Eddystone beacon?

Today, most beacons are maintained in one of two ways: a field technician walks around and updates each unit, one at a

time, which can be expensive and time-consuming. Or, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth bridges are spread out within the Bluetooth range of

each beacon. This requires installing and evenly distributing more hardware within the beacons’ range, which is both costly

and inconvenient for deployments in large buildings.

CSRmesh is engineered to simplify the beacon management process by supporting standard Bluetooth beacons within the

same mesh network to talk to each other. As long as each beacon is within the Bluetooth range of another, an entire building

can be covered and its beacons managed, monitored, and updated from a single point, without the need for a technician or

extra hardware. By connecting your beacons via a mesh network, no additional hardware is needed to update them or control

your assets.

Scheduling time-based events

The latest version of CSRmesh is engineered not only to allow beacons to provide basic indoor location and context, but also

to facilitate time-based events. Imagine going on vacation without having to worry about configuring electronic or mechanical

timers for your lights, or turning on the lights within your warehouse at any hour of the night. With this feature, it’s relatively

simple for an application to set up a 7- or 14-day timer schedule for devices in the CSRmesh network.

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