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Nokia Purity Pro Headset By Monster – HD Wireless Headset With Active Noise Cancelling

Nokia Purity Pro Headset by Monster – HD Wireless Headset with Active Noise Cancelling

Nokia’s Purity lineup of headphones by Monster were introduced more than a year back, along with the Lumia series of smartphones. Ever since then, the perfomance levels of the Purity headphones have been appreciated and spoken about always. The audio technology that is involved is pretty complex and the expertise of Monster, a pioneer in Audio Tech has made the Purity range of headphones manufactured by Nokia one among the top few in the audio headphones category. We had initially seen around 2-3 models from Nokia while they had introduced Purity but looks like they did go ahead and make an update to the existing lineup.

Say hello to the Nokia Purity Pro, an upgraded version of the Nokia Purity Headset by Monster. The newer headset comes with NFC, Bluetooth and Active Noise Cancellation. Let us look at each of these features individually before we go ahead and consider the already existing Nokia Purity model. Near Field Communication, also known as NFC, is a technology that uses a chip to enable pairing and transfer of data with/between nearby objects. Nokia’s bluetooth headset BH505 was the first NFC enabled headphone from Nokia and this technology allows pairing of your smartphone to the headset by just a tap on it reducing the conventional Bluetooth based pairing process that one has to go through. Bluetooth support is finally on the Nokia Purity HD and now one can enjoy their music without the wire, directly through bluetooth. Noise Cancellation is one of the most vital features of a high end headphone and it’s the most expected feature too. However, rather than just adding Noise Cancellation onto the Purity Pro Headset, what Nokia has done is they have worked on a more comprehensive scale to position and design the headphones in such a way that the sound is delivered in the most natural way, as it should be


  • Built by Nokia, Audio Technology by Monster

  • Near Field Communcation (NFC Enabled)

  • Bluetooth Enabled

  • Active Noise Cancellation

While the Purity from Nokia has had a great reputation and has seen a positive response from Audiophiles, the Nokia Purity Pro is an upgraded version of it that comes with a couple of extra features. Audiophiles would want Noise Cancellation and since NFC isn’t common on many smartphones, that isn’t a notable and essential feature at this point of time too. However, having Bluetooth connectivity on a headphone like the Nokia Purity would be an absolute pleasure to use, owing to no hassles of wires and chords. Being speculated to be priced around 376$, the Nokia Purity Pro from Monster is slightly on the higher side, but is worth its money if you are considering Noise Cancellation and Bluetooth seriously.

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