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Security Of Digital Memory Card Use

Lift the card reader, many people immediately think this product is produced with digital cameras, but now is no longer limited to using digital cameras, but extended to more areas. "The reader" as the name suggests this is a device to read data, but it can not only support data reads also supports data writes. Its initial design is to make up for defects arising from the digital camera data output. Due to the earlier USB interface is still not widespread, so digital camera output is connected to the computer's serial port, due to the serial data transmission speed is very low, if the copies of the data on your hard disk, then spends a lot of time, so, card reader was born. With the development of digital products such as MP3, PDA, strongly promoted the development of reader. MP3 comes standard with 256M or 512M Flash obviously has been unable to meet our needs, so additional 1G or higher Flash became the standard configuration, but if you want to copy to the MP3 songs on a Flash, only MP3 broadcast

Manager to make, but this time we need dedicated connections, drivers and software to complete, the portable MP3 player carrying a lot of bad, and if this time we use the card reader, without intervention of MP3 players, MP3 songs can be stored on a Flash memory directly, so that the MP3 has become easier to use.

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