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These 4 Tips For Picking Up Bluetooth Headsets, Many People Don't Know!

1, sound insulation ability

Although many of us like to listen to songs while exercising, in addition to the outside noise, we must avoid too good sound insulation. If the sound insulation of the headphones is too good, it will inevitably be allowed. Users are wary of the surrounding environment and cause accidents.

2, comfort

It is very important that the sports Bluetooth headset can maintain comfort during the user's exercise. If the wired headset is bound to affect the user's movement during exercise, too heavy a headset can easily burden the user, so the wireless Bluetooth headset is suitable. The choice, wearing a comfortable Bluetooth headset, will definitely make your exercise more comfortable and enjoyable.

3, the stability of the connection

A Bluetooth headset is also very important when connected to a playback device. Whether it is indoor or outdoor, the signal interference in the environment will affect the playback quality of the music more or less. When the interference is large, the signal is interrupted. It is also common on Bluetooth headsets. When the user is exercising, the music will also affect the mood due to the intermittent playback of the music. Especially during the exercise, the user is not convenient to take off the earphone for debugging, so that the sports earphone itself has a good adjustment ability.

4, endurance

Life is a very important function for users who have been in the gym for a long time, so how long is the battery life is better. In general, regular sports headphones can last for 3-5 hours, that is, you can maintain a full marathon time, and when many people practice horse racing or gain weight loss in the gym, the time will be spent. Beyond a lot.

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